Great shadows – David De La Mano’s wall art.

World traveler David De La Mano in this project In Berlin, where he was invited by beautiful people from the Nation.

Yasha Young’s the talented artist who painted the “One Wall” wall project, curated by He brought to life one of his great shadows on the streets of Berlin.

Titled “Grey Living Space” The work was painted using black and gray ink against a white background. The woman’s hair and fingers were used to help the roots common to David’s work. it’s turning.

Heant with seditu artist David De La Mano opened the doors to his “work” and his recent work with the ISSA he talked about and about himself. Italian artist from BLU and cities inspired by a painter, sculptor and passion for street art, beautifully amazing he created his work.

The artist’s Instagram address can be found here.

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