Micro sculptures from pencils – Salavat Fidai

On November 27, 1972, Salavat Fidai, He opened his eyes to the world in the red sunrise village of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Salavat Fidai grew up in a family of teachers who taught art.

   In December 2013, Salavat Fidai By resigning from the leadership position, he decided to become an artist. Salavat Since 2014, Fidai has only been an artist and sculptor in fine arts. is currently in charge.

   Russian artist Salavat Fidai, X-ACTO knife hands, buildings and various characters of pop culture He carved miniature paintings. The delicate process allows the leader to see how much pressure requires a good understanding that you can withstand it, but even then mistakes are inevitable. Ufa-centric artist, impressed by everything that was miniature And he painted the seeds, the matchboxes. Salavat Fidai 2014-2017, he produced more than 250 microsculptures from graphite.

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